RM-1-POL Polarising Microscope

The Microtec RM-1POL is an advanced robust trinocular polarising microscope for transmitted light using a 6V 30W Halogen light source.

Supplied with a range of strain free Planachromat objectives, (FN22) eyepieces, centerable nosepiece, 158mm rotating stage, 360 degree rotatable analyser, Bertrand lens, and a range of compensation plates and quartz wedges.

A 12V 50W Halogen reflected light illumination system including 20x and 40x reflected light objectives and incident polariser is also available
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Polarising Microscopes

Product: Description: Price:
  • Stand with course and fine focusing
  • Binocular viewing tube with phototube
  • 20% visual 80% photo
  • Wide-field 10x/22 eyepieces – one focusing with cross-line and scale graticule
  • Intermediate tube with 360° rotating analyser with 2° 30’ divisions, a Bertrand Lens and a compensator slot
  • Quintuple centering nosepiece
  • Built-in 6v 30W Halogen Kohler regulating illumination

Strain Free Objectives:

  • Planachromat 4x/0.10
  • Planachromat 10x.0.25
  • Planachromat 20x/0.40
  • Planachromat 40x/0.65
  • Rotating centering stage 158mm diameter with 1° scale and 6’ vernier
  • Focusing centering NA 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and 360° rotating polariser with 5° scale


  • First order red 1λ
  • Quarter wave plate ¼ λ
  • Quartz wedge 1-4 orders
£ 2795.00

Polarising microscope as above except with:

  • 12v 50w halogen incident illuminator with field iris and aperture iris
  • Incident polariser

Strain free objectives for non-cover slipped specimens:

  • Planachromat M20x/0.40
  • Planachromat M40x/0.65
£ 3650.00

Additional Components:

Extra Objectives

Product: Description: Price:

Planachromat objective 60x/0.80 for use with covered specimens

£ 180.00


Product: Description: Price:

C-mount adapter 0.5x

£ 100.00

C-mount adapter 0.3x

£ 100.00

Optional Accessories

Product: Description: Price:
RMP-C04 Quartz wedge 1-4 orders - calibrated £ 220.00
RMP-C05 de Sénarmont compensator £ 110.00
RMP-C07 Quartz wedge 1-7 orders - calibrated £ 260.00
RMP-EPH Pin hole eyepiece - for conoscopic with small crystals - i.e. replaces using Bertrand Lens £ 30.00
RMP-GIF Green interference filter for use with de Sénarmont compensator (RMP-C05) £ 60.00

Listed prices exclude delivery & VAT