PM-5-POL Polarising Microscope

The Microtec PM-5POL is a routine robust binocular or trinocular polarising microscope for transmitted light using an LED illuminator.

Supplied with a range of strain free objectives, centerable nosepiece, rotating stage, Bertrand lens, a range of compensation plates and a quartz wedge; it has all the items you need.

A handy cable storage system makes carrying and storage convenient. An ideal polarising microscope for teaching applications.
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Polarising Microscopes

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Binocular polarising microscope with:

  • Wide-field 10x/18 eyepiece
  • Wide-field 10x/18 eyepiece with cross-line

Strain-free infinity objectives:

  • Planachromat 4x/0.10
  • Planachromat 10x/0.25
  • Planachromat 20x/0.40
  • Planachromat 40x/0.65


  • 30º inclined Seidentopf viewing head
  • Quadruple centering nosepiece
  • Analyser 0 – 90º
  • Bertrand lens
  • First order red & ¼ λ compensator
  • Quartz wedge – 4 orders
  • Rotating stage 360º, Division 1º, Vernier division 6′ – lockable
  • Strain-free Abbe condenser NA 1.25
  • Polariser
  • Built-in LED illumination
£ 1490.00

Microscope as above, except with:

  • Trinocular head
  • 20% visual / 80% photo
£ 1610.00

Additional Components:

Extra Objectives

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Planachromat 60x/0.80

£ 180.00


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C-mount adapter 0.47x

£ 80.00

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