Microtec IM-3 Inverted Biological Microscope

IM-3 Inverted Biological Microscope
Pictured with optional attached stage and C-mount
The IM-3 Inverted Biological Microscope has excellent flat field phase contrast long working distance objectives. The 5W LED lamp unit, with intensity regulation, provides cool bright and long-life illumination.

The standard model has a phototube incorporated; enabling a camera attachment to be readily added. The long working distance phase contrast objectives are corrected for working through a 1.2mm thickness chamber.

The ‘ECO’ control on the front of the microscope automatically switches off the illumination if the microscope is not being used. Subsequently, approaching the microscope will automatically switch on the illumination.

The ergonomically positioned controls provide comfortable continued use.
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Inverted Microscopes

Product: Description: Price:
  • Stand with coarse and fine focussing
  • Binocular head with photo port
  • Plain stage 215 x 250mm
  • LWD condenser NA 0.3 WD = 72mm
  • PL 10x/22mm eyepieces
  • Quintuple nosepiece
  • Phase telescope
  • Phase slider for 4x, 10x, 20x, & 40x objectives
  • Green interference filter

Complete microscope as above

£ 3870.00
  • LWD Plan objective 4x/NA=0.13
  • WD=22mm – phase contrast
  • LWD Plan objective 10x/NA=0.25
  • WD=7.94mm – phase contrast
  • LWD Plan objective 20x/NA=0.40
  • WD= 7.66mm – phase contrast

Attachable Mechanical Stage

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Attachable mechanical stage

Movement 120mm x 78mm

£ 190.00

Holder for 3 x 1” slide

£ 50.00

Holder 35mm diam. Petri dish

Note: This holder fits inside the Terasaki holder

£ 50.00

Holder for Terasaki chamber

£ 50.00

Additional Components:

Phase Contrast

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LWD Plan objective 40x/NA=0.60

WD=3.71 Phase contrast

£ 380.00


Product: Description: Price:

C-mount adapter 0.5x

£ 110.00


Product: Description: Price:
IM-2002 Stage extenders – increase width of stage by 70mm on each side £ 60.00

Listed prices exclude delivery & VAT