Microtec High Speed Microscope Camera

Sensor CMOS
Processor Built-in IPE image processor
Sensor size 1/2.5 inch
Pixel size 2.2µm x 2.2µm
Preview 2584 x 1936
2040 x 1528
1592 x 1192
1016 x 760
Capture 2584 x 1936
2040 x 1528
1592 x 1192
1016 x 760
Colour depth 24 bit
Conversion 12 bit input, 8 bit output
Fitting C-mount
White Balance Automatic/Manual
Dynamic 66.5dB
Frame rate 35fps (0.8MP, 1016×760)
30fps (2MP, 1592×1192)
23fps (3MP, 2040×1528)
14fps (5MP, 2584×1936)
Noise reduction Real time 3D noise reduction
Colour Temperature 1800K – 10000Kt
Exposure Automatic/Manual
Time Range 1ms -995ms
Shutter Rolling shutter
Exposure time 0.1ms to 60min
Data port USB 3.0, 0/5 Gb/s
Compatible with USB2.0
Data format Jpg, png, tif, raw
Software TCapture
System Windows/Linux/Mac
Power supply USB Power Supply
Operational temperature 0 to 60°C
Humidity 45% to 85%
Storage temperature -20 to 70°C
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The MDC-HS5 high speed digital camera using USB3.0 high speed image transfer with 5 Megapixel resolution. The smart control grabs the image and the IPE (image processing engine) immediately starts working, swiftly processing the signal converted by the image processor



  • USB3.0 High-speed interface
  • Built in auto exposure and auto white balance – excellent images without adjustment
  • Built-in advanced image processing algorithms, 3D noise reduction and colour temperature adjustment function
  • Supports drive free UVC (USB Video Class) devices

The camera has a 1/2.5 inch chip. To achieve the maximum sized rectangle in the visual field a camera adapter around 0.35x is recommended.


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MDC-HS5 5 Megapixel camera / USB 3.0 £ 980.00

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