PM-2 Mid-Range Educational Microscopes

The Microtec PM-2 is a mid-range monocular or Binocular transmitted educational microscope with a built-in mechanical stage, 6v 20w Halogen illumination and a focusing condenser with iris.

The basic outfit includes a WF 10x eyepiece and DIN achromat objectives 4x, 10x 40x. A 100x oil objective is available.
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Educational Microscopes

Product: Description: Price:
  • Monocular head with wide-field 10x eyepieces
  • Quadruple nosepieces
  • S-Plan objectives 4x, 10x, 40x
  • Built-in drop control mechanical stage
  • Focusing Abbe condenser with iris
  • Coaxial course and fine focusing
  • Built-in regulating 6v 20w Halogen illumination
£ 280.00

As PM-2 except with binocular head

£ 400.00

Additional Components:

Extra Objectives

Product: Description: Price:

E-Plan Achromat 100X/1.25

£ 170.00

S-plan objective 20x

£ 50.00

S-plan objective 60x

£ 100.00


Product: Description: Price:

Wide-field focusing eyepiece 10x/20 with scale graticule 10:100

£ 60.00

Calibrating stage micrometer 1mm in 100 parts

£ 40.00

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