Educational Microscopes:


The Microtec CM-3 Student Microscope is a basic instrument suitable for use up to 400x magnification. It is an ideal microscope for use in schools.

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The Microtec PM-2 is a mid-range Monocular or Binocular transmitted educational microscope with a built-in mechanical stage, 6v 20w Halogen illumination and a focusing condenser with iris. The basic outfit includes a WF 10x eyepiece and DIN achromat objectives 4x, 10x 40x. A 100x oil objective is available.

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The PM-6 microscope is an economically priced instrument but with a performance for exacting microscopy. The focusing Abbe condenser provides suitable illumination for use with the 100x oil objective. The built in long life LED illumination provides bright even illumination.

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